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Advanced Group Class

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Intermediate-Advanced level skills building program, with up to five 8-week sessions per year!

The Advanced Group guitar class is a great next-step for students and players who are wanting to move beyond the intermediate playing skills. 

If you've spent some time in G4, or if you have years of experience (but perhaps little formal learning background) this might be just the class for you. Also, G4 enrollment is included for nothing extra, in case you would like to enjoy that class as well.

To get the most out of this class, it's best if you can already:

- play one or two minor pentatonic boxes at 50 - 60 BPM (example),

- play any movable major and/or minor scale pattern at 30 - 40 BPM (example),

- play barre chords,

- name notes on the fretboard (but not necessarily from memory),

- learn and play simple strum songs on your own.

Each week we'll add new material over a specific guitar concept, including: dexterity and exercising tools; scale patterns; chord construction theory; modes; finding keys of songs; learning by ear; reading standard rhythmic notation; slurs and other techniques; improvisation and comping, and more.

You don't have to be great to enjoy this class, but it's really not designed for beginners. And if you're experienced, you'll find a range from solid review to new, challenging concepts to improve.

This is an open, interactive class where the material is serious but we are casual and have a lot of fun while improving and learning.

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