At Home Guidance

There is no requirement or expectation in the SDML system for homework. Playing guitar should be fun, not another chore in your already hectic schedule! 

That being said, some students and parents have requested guidance on what to play in between lessons. These guidance sheets give organized and scored elements of play to help you track your achievements.


1. Download and print the weekly score sheet for your class level.

2. Pick a target score and write down some elements to meet that score.

3. Enter your score in today's cell. (If you went to class in person or online, add 300 points.)

4. At the end of the week, tally up your score and see how many stars you get to fill in!


Or members/mentorship students working on SAGE Principles Award Material


Or members/mentorship students working on SAGE Developmental Award Material


Or members/mentorship students working on SAGE Performer Award Material.


Or members/mentorship students working on Synthesis Utility Material.



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