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How Does it Work?

This has been an incredibly difficult year, and we understand that things like guitar classes can seem out of reach when financial strain hits.

But we also have confidence that brighter times are ahead, so for a limited time we are giving you the opportunity to start a guitar journey - and we'll cover your tuition.

option 1 - G1 Virtual Class

COVID-19 helped motivate us to roll out our live, virtual guitar classes a little sooner than we anticipated. We've learned a LOT this year and are proud to say that we have the program running smoothly. Students have been reaching and exceeding their goals - safe at home - despite some adjustments.

We priced the 8-week G1 beginner course at $155. With this special holiday package, you'll automatically begin a free 60-day SDML Membership trial which will bring the class price to $115. And we'll send you an eGift card for that amount to fully cover your invoice.

Scroll down for scheduling.

option 2 - G1 IN-Person Class

At the moment, this is extremely limited. Only the Shelbyville, KY chapter has in-person classes as an option, and there is a strict limit of 6 students per class in order to properly distance. 

Applications are being accepted and students are enrolled on a first come, first served basis by timestamp. These classes are $200 for the course, and your SDML Membership lowers that to $140. We'll still give you the $115 gift card, and you'll only owe $35 for the entire 8 weeks!

See below for scheduling info.


This offer is for the first 8-week session of 2021, which begins the week of January 3rd and ends February 27th. Classes last about 50 minutes and are scheduled at 7:00 PM on the following days:


7:00 PM with Senior Instructor Paulie Felice

Virtual through Zoom


In-Person at Shelby Christian Church


7:00 PM with Senior Instructor Paulie Felice

Virtual through Zoom



7:00 PM with Executive Instructor David McLean

Virtual through Zoom