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Premium Content Site

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Available ONLY to Premium Members

Explore the SDML Academy's Premium Content site, a rich resource hub designed to fine-tune your guitar skills and deepen your musical knowledge. Here's what awaits you:

Dive into exercises crafted to enhance your finger strength, flexibility, speed, and precision, building the fundamental prowess every guitarist needs.

Master the fretboard with comprehensive scale patterns across all positions, boosting your soloing confidence and fretboard fluency.

Access a vast library of song charts used in our classes, complete with backing tracks to practice and play along, keeping your repertoire ever-expanding.

Refresh your memory on chord drills from class and become proficient in various chord qualities, from basic triads to complex extensions.

Engage in call-and-response videos to hone your timing and feel, essential for every guitarist aiming to lock in with a band or jam session.

Utilize backing tracks to apply your scale knowledge in a practical context, enhancing your improvisational skills and creative expression.

Fine-tune the mechanics of playing, with a focus on the intricacies of chord changes, slurs, and other essential techniques.

Delve into music theory concepts tailored for guitarists and songwriters, grounding your playing in a solid understanding of musical structure.

Stay in top musical shape with daily 5-minute routines designed to keep your playing sharp, even when time is tight.

With the Premium Content site, you'll have the tools and guidance to evolve your playing, ensure continuous progress, and inspire endless musical exploration.

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