Change is never easy, but the SDML Family of students, parents and instructors banded together to assemble virtual performances for you to enjoy! Check out these amazing performers below. :)

Phoebe White.jpg

Phoebe White: "Cowboy Sweetheart" / "The Way I Am"

Marcus Cammuse.jpg

Marcus Cammuse: "Hotel California"

Kermit and Carol.jpg

Kermit the Frog and Carol: "Rainbow Connection"

Justin Bablitz.jpg

Justin Bablitz: "I Will Follow You Into the Dark"

Brady Hardman.jpg

Brady Hardman: "Come As You Are"

Leslie Dodd.jpg

Leslie Dodd: "Circle Around the Sun"

Marcus Cammuse1.jpg

Marcus Cammuse: "Gettin' Down"

Aisley Autumn.jpg

Aisley Autumn: "More Than a Lifetime"

Brett McCollum.jpg

Brett McCollum: "Aberystwyth"

Brady Hardman1.jpg

Brady Hardman: "Day Tripper"

Owen Morris.jpg

Owen Morris: "Just Like Heaven" / "Killing in the Name"

Chris Rush.jpg

Chris Rush: "Even Flow"

Brian Goodwin.jpg

Brian Goodwin: "Lockdown Blues"


JEB: "Sweet Jesus"

Allie Foley.jpg

Allie Foley: "Wolves"

Dylan Bourne.jpg

Dylan Bourne: "Serene"

Mason Davis.jpg

Mason Davis: "Yesterday"

Garrett Atwell.jpg

Garrett Atwell: "Try and Love Again"


JEB: "Touch of a Woman"

Allie Foley1.jpg

Allie Foley: "Perfect"

Dylan Bourne2.jpg

Dylan Bourne: "7 7 2020"

Chris Rush1.jpg

Chris Rush: "Grey Blue River"

Garrett Atwell2.jpg

Garrett Atwell: "Peaceful, Easy Feeling"


JEB: "I Go to the Barn Because"

Sydney Callahan2.jpg

Sydney Callahan: "Bohemian Rhapsody"

Thomas Bensberg.jpg

Thomas Bensberg: "Hometown Homebody

Eddy and Carol.jpg

Eddie and Carol: "The Galaxy Song"

Mason Davis1.jpg

Mason Davis: "Best Friend"

Sydney Callahan.jpg

Sydney Callahan: "What's Up?"

Janie Poulton.jpg

Janie Poulton: "I Know"