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SDML T-shirts are available for sale. Local pickup is currently available for free in the Central Kentucky, Shelbyville and Louisville areas. If you can't do local pickup, we'll ship it to you for a $7 shipping and handling fee. 

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 Premium Members

SDML Premium Memberships come with one FREE t-shirt per member household and 50% off additional shirts.

Click below to order yours!

Basic Members

SDML Members always get a 50% discount on SDML t-shirts and pay only $9.99 per shirt.


SDML t-shirts sell to the general public for $19.99 plus S&H. Click below to place your order!

NOTE: All sales are final. T-shirt orders will be placed after a paid invoice is received. Total time between order and receipt of t-shirt is up to six months, as we only order twice per year to get bulk pricing. Members receive one (1) free t-shirt only with their initial fully paid membership.

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