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During the 8-week course, each class is made available weekly so that you can participate from home when it's convenient for you, but at the optimal learning pace. Lessons can be viewed as many times as you like during the course. You'll get access to the VGC Portal for your class level, and weekly notifications when classes have been published along with electronic copies of all handouts for class.


SDML Members also receive access to the Student Resources page that contains supplemental videos detailing techniques, scales, chords, songs, and other materials taught in class, as well as continued access to handouts from all classes. Plus, as a member you can contact your instructor directly at any time for additional support via text and email, even between sessions.

Instructors typically offer five 8-week sessions per year, with intermissions for holidays, school breaks, etc. Schedules vary by instructor and location.

Members enrolled in the real-world group classes also receive the Virtual Guitar Classes (VGC) at no extra cost. Start your free SDML Trial Membership by clicking the link below!



Instructor Availability Varies

Typical Availability

10 - 9 M-F

10 - 6 Sat.




Lexington, KY

Louisville, KY

Shelbyville, KY

Chicago, IL Area

Tuscaloosa, AL

Frankfort, KY (Coming Soon!)

Versailles, KY (Coming Soon!)

Cincinnati, OH (Coming Soon!)


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