get 6 months of material in just

8 weeks

You're not a beginner.


You can play some things you feel... pretty okay about, and maybe you've been playing for months or years, but you know there are things you're missing

That in-between space is a very common one for guitar players who want real instruction.

Our Guitar 1 beginner class is too basic for you; you already know how to hold the guitar and play chords and maybe some riffs or even a scale or two, but the Guitar 4 class has too much material that you've never seen before.

And that's where the Warp 8 group class comes in.


By trimming the review and drill time essential for beginners (who don't even have callouses yet) we can "warp" you through G1, G2 and G3, preparing you to join the group in G4 - but in a third of the time. 


And for half the cost.

Instead of paying $600 ($200 per session for three 8-week sessions) you pay $300 and you're done in just one session. And we'll also give you half off your first 8-week session of G4. That's a total savings of $400.

If you're not entirely sure if this program is for you, take our free online assessment and we'll get in touch to make a recommendation.

But if you're ready to get started, click the Enroll button below!



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Frankfort, KY (Coming Soon!)

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