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Membership Cancellation

Are you sure you want to cancel your membership? You don't have to be enrolled in classes to remain a member. Life happens, and sometimes fun activities like playing guitar have to be set aside. 

But until you have time again, your Membership can continue and you'll still have access to the supplemental resources from your classes. That can be super handy when you find time here and there and need some guidance on what to play. You'll also continue to get discounts on events and services, and when you're ready to start again your Membership will be in place and your special rates will still apply.

Please note that there is a $39.99 activiation fee for Membership. Also any points you have accrued for your member benefits will reset to zero.

If it's something else, that's totally fine and we wish you well and hope to see you again in the future! Just click the link below to fill out the quick and simple Cancellation Form and we'll be in touch with confirmation.

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