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JD Wright is a Senior Instructor at the SDML Academy in Lexington, KY. With over 30 years of teaching experience and over 40 years as a professional musician, JD’s teaching philosophy emphasizes a personal approach with each student receiving an instruction track specifically designed to their goals and learning style.

JD offers instruction for both acoustic and electric guitar, bass guitar, music theory and song writing, as well as performance training, recording, and professional career coaching. JD’s instruction is for all ages, both adults and children, in a variety of styles—rock, blues, metal, country, singer-songwriter—and significant gains can be made as a beginner, part-time player or seasoned professional. Whether you are interested in guitar as a hobby or as a career, JD’s approach is designed to bring out the best in each person.

A life-long resident of the central Kentucky area and a graduate of Georgetown College, JD is an instrumentalist, vocalist, composer, and record producer with a variety of influences ranging from Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Eddie Van Halen to George Benson, Joe Perry, and Peter Frampton. He has performed with his own bands and other groups since 1980 including The Chung Yen Band, The Touch, Hijynx, Neohurst, Brent Larimore Band, and Chung Yen Twins as well as with members of Alien Blue, All The Little Pieces, and The Evanne Whitten Band.

A Lexington Music Award “Best Educator” nominee in 2015, JD teaches at his studio in the Doo Wop Shop in Lexington, KY.

A few words from JD's students...

"My 10 years old son has been taking lessons for about 6 months from JD Wright. He has advanced more in these months than he has in the previous 2 years. The program is fantastic and it has really made him want to practice. JD is not only a great guitar player but also great with kids! My son has loved it. I highly recommend JD and SDML for all. "

Kathleen M.

Lexington, KY

"Not only is JD a skillful guitar player, he does a great job at taking the time to teach a budding guitar enthusiast whatever aspect of the instrument you desire and breaks those skills down into easily learned steps.  While teaching, he does a great job explaining the area of focus while pushing you onto the next level."

Kurt Z.

Lexington, KY

"Many words come to mind when I think of JD, to some it up in just a few would be difficult. He is a joy to have as an instructor. He relates to the younger generation in a way that makes my student want to strive harder and do better! He is patient and kind, with an extreme amount of talent!

We have been with JD for about 3 years. Couldn't image it any other way!

Thank You JD for all you do for Hudson and every student you have!"

Charli H.

Lexington, KY

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"I started with JD about a year ago.  Because I tend to play music by ear he developed a unique program to fit me.  I was playing a couple of song within a few months!  That was great motivations for me!  He can mold the class as you desire based on your choice of music and style of learning. He is a wonderful teacher for all age groups. I would recommend taking lessons with him. He is extremely talented and has great knowledge of music and guitar!"

Savannah R.

Lexington, KY

"I've been learning guitar with JD for almost three years, and I can honestly only say good things about him. He's been an excellent teacher and has helped me greatly increase my ability as a musician as well as increased my confidence as a performer. He manages to make every lesson interesting, even after long days of school, and probably equally long days of teaching other students."

Adam B.

Lexington, KY

" JD Wright is an excellent guitar teacher. I started taking lessons from him a little less than two years ago, and I have enjoyed it thoroughly. He makes every lesson fun and I learn a great deal every time. I would definitely recommend JD for anyone wanting to learn the guitar."

Beth P.

Lexington, KY

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