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Paulie is a full-time professional musician and a Senior Instructor with the SDML Academy of Guitar, headquartered in Lexington KY. Paulie began teaching in 2006 and has enrolled over 300 students in that time. He also pioneered the Chicagoland branch of the Academy, and from 2014 - 2016 he taught dozens of students and certified two new SDML instructors.


Whatever you want to be able to do on guitar, Paulie specializes in getting you there as quickly as possible by way of maximized efficiency and economy in learning and play. There are no books to buy and no “required learning.” Everything that is taught is for a specific reason and connected to something you already know. As a result, most every student exceeds his or her goals and is pleasantly surprised to see results beyond what they would have thought possible, while having fun and looking forward to playing. 

With students of all abilities ranging from age 6 to 70 and up, many have achieved a variety of successes in virtually all styles of music – rock, folk, pop, country, metal, bluegrass, jazz, blues, etc. Some simply enjoy a new pastime, while others fulfill dreams of playing music professionally in bands, songwriting, performance, recording, and other areas in the industry.

A few words from Paulie's students...

Thom Suggs

Georgetown, KY

"I've played stages from Memphis to Charleston, SC to Cincinnati, and a lot of places in between. Seriously, the SDML system works. Excellent instructors and outstanding results."

Kerri Grendel

Grayslake, IL

"I highly recommend the SDML Academy. Learning guitar has been an amazing experience. Paulie is an incredible teacher. He always keeps it fun and mixes the right amount of theory and fun guitar pieces while still learning songs of choice. The SDML teachers rock!"


Shelbyville, KY

"My children have started taking classes with Mr. Paulie and LOVE the classes. The teacher is relatable, fun, and doesn't pressure students. Can't recommend SDML highly enough."

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Tim Mallon

Grayslake, IL

"I had been, frankly, wasting money for several years on online bought classes, and in person teachers. That all changed with my first SDML teacher, Paulie. I made more gain in my playing than ALL the years of 'instruction' that preceded it, combined. If you REALLY want to learn to play guitar, then do yourself a favor and get SDML instruction."

Tracey Mitchell

Lake Villa, IL

"I think this is a great program and Paulie is an excellent instructor. My son loves working with Paulie. He especially likes the recitals were he gets to showcase his personal talents."

Jordan Dennis

Lexington, KY

"I took lessons from Paulie Felice at the Doo Wop shop. Paulie is relentless; in a good way. He naturally instills confidence in his students, lets you learn at your own pace and can adjust his style to any particular learner. All in all, there can't be a better place to begin or continue learning guitar than SDML."

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"I was a student under Paulie at SDML, and I was very pleased with my experience. They take the intimidation away from learning guitar and encourage you to really get into playing from the beginning. Paulie had a very 'learn by doing' approach rather than memorizing stuff from a boring book.


Everyone was extremely friendly and encouraging. I would highly recommend SDML Academy of Guitar to anyone."


Lexington, KY

"Paulie is an excellent teacher with the patience to handle even the challenging students. My daughter took guitar lessons for 2-years. Abbi has ADHD and it's often difficult for her to focus. Paulie recognized her difficult days and made the necessary changes in her program.

Thanks, hoping she can move forward in music again real soon!"


Lindehurst, IL

"SDML is BY FAR the best guitar instruction on the planet. I've played guitar for 27 years and when I watched how this method of teaching worked my jaw hit the floor. With other instructors my daughter would make slow improvements but once Paulie started teaching her each lesson brought massive improvements. If you want to learn guitar Paulie is the teacher you need!!!!"

Jason Reynolds

Grayslake, IL

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