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No commitment, no payment information collected until AFTER your trial ends and you decide to continue. Cancel easily any time. $19 per month after trial, no activation fee for first-time sign up.

What do you actually get with membership?


Member Achievement Program

The Member Achievement Program lets you track and earn points for your progress an accomplishments as a student, performer, songwriter or community enthusiast. You'll be ranked with other members and get even more discounts based on your scores.

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Premium Content

Hundreds of additional, in-depth videos and reference materials for Members who have completed G1 - G3 or the Warp 8 program, and enrolled in the G4 classes either in person or online in the VGC program. (Also available to Mentorship students with a SAGE Performer Award.)

Personal Guitarist Evaluation Results -

Guitarist Evaluation

By appointment, any guitarist can schedule a personal evaluation. Normally $39, Members pay just $25! A Certified SDML Instructor will sit down with you in person or online and administer a series of test on multiple components of guitar play. Afterward, your results will be analyzed and added to our national database. You'll receive your personal results showing how you did, and how you compared to the averages. (Don't worry; your results are confidential.)

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A core philosophy of the SDML Academy of Guitar is that no one should be denied the opportunity to learn guitar due to lack of ability to pay. When possible, certified instructors will offer scholarship pricing for students based on their needs. This is a strictly informal, non-binding process, and the application below will offer instructors the opportunity to review your request and contact you if they are able to help.



Deep discounts (30 - 50%) on group guitar classes, online lessons (VGC), SDML Workshops and Clinics, free SAGE Award testing and price cuts on Synthesis Testing and Certification fees. These discounts more than make up for the monthly fee, so if you're taking lessons this is definitely the way to go!

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Student Help Line

Got questions or need help with anything in your guitar playing journey? SDML Certified Instructors are available to help you out with answers, advice and direction through email, text or chat support. Availability varies, but when instant support isn't online, we'll get back to you as immediately as possible.



The SDML Student Recitals are always free for any student, and are fun, casual, family-oriented public performance events in an open-mic format. No pressure to play, and everyone is welcome to attend. (Please don't actually smash your guitar on stage. We just thought the picture was funny.) However, SDML Members also receive additional consideration for performance opportunities through the Skinny Devil Booking service.

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Field Trips

At different times through the year, SDML organizes trips to facilities and businesses directly connected to the music industry. Visit and participate in excursions to professional recording studios, radio broadcasting studios, performance venues, and more!

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Get access to dozens of videos, song charts, and tablature for riffs, scales, and playing concepts, plus drills and handy guitarist tools, and submit your song requests in our exclusive Member Resources section of the website. 

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Private Consults

Need one-on-one help in person with your guitar goals, but not quite ready for the Mentorship Program? For just $25 per consultation, SDML Members get an exclusive half-hour of expert advice, direction, explanations, demonstrations and education from a certified SDML Instructor. It's like a private guitar lesson, but without a schedule commitment.

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This one isn't too complicated: When you become a member, you get a free SDML T-shirt. Because we're cool like that. Just choose your color and size!​

(Only first-time paid members are eligible for a free t-shirt; free or discounted trial memberships don't qualify. All members get a discount of 50% on t-shirt purchases, however.)