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Guitar 4

G4 2020.jpeg

Intermediate level, social guitar classes, with up to five 8-week sessions per year!

Guitar 4 (or G4) is a revolving and evolving 8-week class. Rather than a fixed curriculum like G1 - G3, the G4 class continually adds new material each session, and each week is focused on a specific component of playing guitar.


Students happily stay in G4 for years and each class develops its own personality. 

Think of it like a fun, social class, like karate or yoga.

While G4 isn't really an "advanced" class, you'll want to either be pretty comfortable playing on your own, or have completed G1-G3 (or Warp 8) first. It's probably more accurate to call it an intermediate level class.


The students in a G4 class have a wide range of abilities, and those abilities continue to improve from one session to the next.

Students are also afforded the opportunity to make song requests, and each week we learn at least two songs - one from this list and another to celebrate artists' birthdays or special dates.


In one year of G4 you should pick up at least 80 new songs!

Additionally, more concepts are explored that are not really touched on in G1 - G3, such as pentatonic scales, improvisation and lead guitar, and some rudimentary music theory concepts.

Of course, as new students are entering G4, the average skill level adjusts naturally, and the curriculum is tweaked accordingly. The class is always challenging and continually changing to keep things interesting.

If G4 sounds like the class for you, but you haven't been through G1 - G3, our Warp 8 accelerated program may be just right for your needs!

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