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Synthesis Group

Synthesis Group Class Square Image.png

Intermediate level, social guitar classes, with up to five 8-week sessions per year!

The Synthesis Group class is an engaging, dynamic class that is part of a continuum in our guitar learning journey. Each session is a creative exploration of new material, focusing weekly on various aspects of guitar playing, going beyond the foundational skills taught in the Beginner Group Classes.

This class is the musical equivalent of a social hub, reminiscent of lively karate or yoga classes, where camaraderie and shared learning experiences abound.

Perfect for those who are confidently strumming on their own, the Synthesis Group class is best described as an intermediate level experience, inviting those who have a comfortable grasp on the basics to join.

With a diverse group of students, the Synthesis Group is a place of ongoing improvement and musical discovery. Here, personal expression is encouraged; students have the chance to request songs, and each week brings the joy of learning at least two new pieces, celebrating the wide world of music and its creators.

Over the course of a year, participants can expect to learn an impressive repertoire of at least 80 new songs!

In this class, we delve into areas lightly brushed upon in earlier stages, such as mastering pentatonic scales, delving into improvisation, practicing lead guitar techniques, and understanding the building blocks of music theory, enriching your musical vocabulary significantly.

As new students join the Synthesis Group, the collective skill level is embraced, ensuring that the curriculum remains relevant, stimulating, and responsive to the group's dynamics.

If you’re intrigued by the Synthesis Group, find an instructor near you to get started today!

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