sage Awards

The SAGE Awards program exists to give recognition to students achieving certain progressive benchmarks in the beginning stages of learning guitar.

SAGE (Synthesis Achievement in Guitar Education) Awards are organized into three levels:

Principles of Guitar Award - Students understand and can perform the basic physical, mechanical aspects of playing guitar. They can play a basic scale pattern and a few simple chord shapes, as well as mimic rhythmic strumming patterns and read tablature and chord charts.

Guitar Developmental Award - At this stage, you'll be able to demonstrate rudimentary skill related to playing songs, such as the 8 fundamental chord shapes and the ability to move from one to the other smoothly. You can also perform basic riffs, strumming and finger picking patterns in song-playing scenarios.

Guitar Performer Award - When you get this award, you'll able to play a dozen or more simple, sing-along strum songs. You'll be familiar with basic song structures, movable chord shapes, a melody-based solo guitar song, and an additional scale pattern played to a metronome. You'll also learn how to play up to 68 chords. Yup. 68.

Students in our group classes receive these awards at the end of each 8-week session in G1 - G3. Exclusive Premium Content is made available online when you get your Performer Award, so stick with it!

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