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Student Rock Star banner.jpg

Strap in and step into the spotlight with our Student Rock Star Program, a dynamic platform where guitar enthusiasts transform into stage icons! This innovative program is currently in its exciting pilot phase, offering students an authentic rock star experience.

Designed to echo the high-energy "rock band" live shows that dazzle audiences, our program invites students to be the frontliners of their own concert. Whether you're shredding solos, belting out vocals, or keeping the beat, you'll get the full star treatment. Our seasoned instructors and professional musicians provide the backing tracks, laying down the foundation across various instruments to support your main act.

This is more than a lesson - it's a live show where the thrill of performance meets the joy of learning. It’s your chance to shine, captivating friends, family, and the general public with the strum of your guitar and the beat of your music-loving heart.

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