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See class descriptions and pricing below.


Beginner Class

Beginner instruction for Adults, Teens and Kids (age 8+) who are interested in learning, even if you've never picked up a guitar. (Click here for kids under 8 years of age.)


Prepaid Private Lessons

If you need one-on-one help but aren't ready to commit to regular lessons, you can get private lessons a-la-carte with this program.



Continuing classes for intermediate-to-advanced players with previous experience looking to expand their abilities.


"One-to-One" Private Lessons

For students who have specific goals with their guitar playing, including professional ambitions, the "One-to-One" program offers weekly private lessons, group classes and access to all SDML resources all rolled into one!

Still not sure where to start? No problem! Just complete this Free Self-Assessment and we'll get back to you with a recommendation right away!

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