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Clinics and Workshops

The SDML Academy of Guitar often organizes and/or hosts clinics and workshops for players, students and fans alike. These events typically range anywhere from free to the public, all the way up to $250 or more. SDML Members receive a 25% discount on all eligible Clinics and Workshops


Clinics are fun, entertaining performance-style events, featuring artists and educators from every level, background and genre, sharing their skills and knowledge in an interactive audience experience. Leave your instruments at home for these, and come ready for a relaxing, recreational event.

Below are a few of the subjects, topics and genres you can expect to find in our Clinic series:



Music Theory

Special Guest Performances







In the SDML Workshops series, students of the guitar come to participate in instructor-led programs to walk you through the processes of whatever topic is being covered. Bring your guitars and notebooks, and be ready to learn, play, create and make music! Instructors are typically SDML certified, but may also include special guest-teacher appearances. Fees for workshops typically range from $35 - $250 depending on the hosts, venues, length, and materials included.

Below are a few of the subject, topics and genres you can expect to find in our Clinic series:

Chords and Chord Theory

Scales, Speed and Efficiency

Music Theory


Ear Training


Special Guest Performances

Contact us for information on upcoming events!

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