60-to-90 minute

1-on-1 session

in person or Online

with a


sdml instructor

Regular Price $39

$25 for SDML members

Sit down in person* or online, one-on-one with a Certified SDML Instructor who will take you through a series of tests, drills and questions, scoring your answers as you go.

This is a fun, light-hearted service that is meant to help you understand where you currently are as a guitarist, and give you objective measurements of your skills. Following the evaluation, your scores will be entered into our scoring system, and you'll receive an email with your personal results. You'll see not only how you scored on the scale, but also against the national average of guitarists who have participated.

Personal Guitarist Evaluation Results -

As you progress through lessons, you can re-take these evaluations to track your progress and see where you have improved the most, as well as what areas you may wish to pursue further.

Evaluations are scheduled on an individual basis, as well as open-invitation events. To schedule your evaluation, contact a certified SDML instructor.

*All travel costs are the responsibility of the participant.



Instructor Availability Varies

Typical Availability

10 - 9 M-F

10 - 6 Sat.




Lexington, KY

Louisville, KY

Shelbyville, KY

Chicago, IL Area

Tuscaloosa, AL

Frankfort, KY (Coming Soon!)

Versailles, KY (Coming Soon!)

Cincinnati, OH (Coming Soon!)


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