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Click the images above the descriptions below to access more information about these SDML services!


SDML Membership

Join our network of learners, players, performers, instructors,  professionals, parents, friends and family members!

Sheet Music and Guitar

Personal Guitarist Evaluation

Receive a personalized, professional assessment of your skills in all areas of play.


SAGE Awards

Our recognition program for beginner students to track progress and achievements.

guitarist at computer.jpg

Online Videos and Resources

Watch, listen and learn!

guitarist at computer2.jpg

Online Guitarist Assessment

Take a free quiz and get a recommendation from a certified SDML instructor.


Synthesis Certification

Professional certification program for guitarists with aspirations in the music industry.

Electric Guitar

Premium Content Website

Students in G4, Advanced Group, or the One-to-One program get elite access to more.

Playing Guitar for Money

Scholarship Program

We don't turn anyone away for lack of ability to pay. If you want to learn, we'll make it happen.

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