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Instructor Certification

and Training (ICAT)

The SDML Academy of Guitar is deeply committed to maintaining the highest standards of excellence in our teaching faculty. Our instructors first succeed as students and professionals, and then go through rigorous training and testing in order to receive their official certification.


If you think you've got what it takes, talk to your instructor today or CLICK HERE to contact us.


Certified SDML Instructors enjoy a vast array of major benefits that fall into four main categories. Click below to see a breakdown of what's offered. (Page Under Construction)


Teaching Resources

With massive libraries of handouts, videos, crafted lessons, testing materials and the guidance and support of the SDML leadership, certified instructors are always equipped and ready to teach with confidence.

Flexible Payment Planning

Income Opportunities

Through teaching group classes, private students, in-person and live online teaching, paid test administration, substitute teaching, private consultations, memberships and more, SDML instructors enjoy multiple options for increasing their revenue streams.


Administrative Assistance

Ready-made lesson plans, templates, enrollment forms, student referrals, social media integration and a professional profile page keep instructors organized, responsible and reliable.

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Industry Advantages

The smorgasbord of programs for student learning and development, along with booking services, student recitals, the Member Resources and Premium Content pages and individual virtual classrooms give instructors a strong position in the teaching industry.

For certification, candidates must meet the following requirements:

- Recommendation from a Certified SDML Instructor


- Active SDML Membership


- Competency Synthesis Guitarist Certification


- At least one SDML Recital performance


- Completion of 8-week "Intro to Teaching Guitar" course


- Passing grade on "Intro to Teaching Guitar" exam


- Attend monthly instructor meetings


- 20+ hours of substitute teaching private students


- 20+ hours co-teaching group classes


- 20+ hours of live performance experience


- 10+ hours professional recording experience


- Completion of 24-week Instructor Training And Certification (ICAT) course


- Passing grade on ICAT final exam


- Must 18 years of age or older


- Personal approval from SDML Executive Instructor


- Payment of annual certification fees


- Completion of required continuing education courses

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